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We are a non-profit created to specialize in seniors╌╌╌╌╌╌╌that is anyone over the age of 50, you know!

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….and what about the LOVE A SENIOR DAY????
Well it’s a celebration for a city or community to celebrate their most important population….you guessed it, SENIORS. Take a peek!

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The Love A Senior Company presents “SENIOR MOMENTS” podcast hosted by our founder, Carol Chiarito. You never know where she will turn up chatting with someone with a cool story or idea!

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We have information on several different aspects of aging! From retirement living to travel, and everything in between. Check out the articles, blogs, videos, down-load-ables and more!


Learn about our “Love a Senior Day” hosted by people or organizations in cities to celebrate their older Americans. A celebration to bringing a community, their seniors AND families together with the area’s leading senior minded businesses and providers.

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